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High Quality White Powder Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate supplier in Muscat Dubai UAE.

Dubi Chem is one of the Sodium perborate manufacturers, exporters, producers, and suppliers in Fujairah, Sharjah, Jurf Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Kuwait, Muscat, Dubai UAE. 



Sodium perborate is sometimes abbreviated as PBS. The compound is commonly encountered in anhydrous form or as a hexahydrate (commonly called “monohydrate” or PBS-1 and “tetrahydrate” or PBS-4, after the early assumption that NaBO
3 would be the anhydrous form). They are both white, odorless, water-soluble solids. This salt is widely used in laundry detergents, as one of the peroxide-based bleaches.

Sodium perborate serves as a stable source of active oxygen in many detergents, laundry detergents, cleaning products, and laundry bleaches. It is a less aggressive bleach than sodium hypochlorite and other chlorine-based bleaches, causing less degradation to dyes and textiles. Borates also have some non-oxidative bleaching properties
Sodium perborate is also present in some tooth bleaching formulas for nonvital root-treated teeth. The compound is inserted in the root canal and left in place for an extended period of time to allow it to diffuse into the tooth and bleach stains from the inside out.
The compound has antiseptic properties and can act as a disinfectant. It is also used as a disappearing preservative in some brands of eye drops.
Sodium perborate is also used as an oxidizing reagent in organic synthesis. For example, it converts thioethers into sulfoxides and sulfones.

Sodium Perborate Monohydrate CAS 10332-33-9
Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is used as a mordant, detergent auxiliary, deodorant, electroplating solution additive, analytical reagent, organic synthesis polymerizer, and toothpaste, cosmetics, etc.
Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is used as a disinfectant and bactericide, it can also be used as a mordant, detergent auxiliary, deodorant, additive of electroplating solution, analytical reagent, organic synthesis polymerizer, and toothpaste, cosmetics, etc.
Sodium perborate (PBS) is a white, odorless, water-soluble chemical compound with the chemical formula NaBO3. It crystallizes as the monohydrate, NaBO3·H2O, trihydrate, NaBO3·3H2O, and tetrahydrate, NaBO3·4H2O. The monohydrate and tetrahydrate are the commercially important forms. The elementary structural unit of sodium perborates is a dimer anion B2O4(OH)42−, in which two boron atoms are joined by two peroxo bridges in a chair-shaped 6-membered ring, and the simplistic NaBO3·nH2O-type formulas are just a convenient way to express the average chemical composition

 CAS 10332-33-9 Sodium Perborate Monohydrate / Sodium Perborate (Monohydrate & Tetrahydrate)
Name: Sodium perborate
 MF: NaBO3.H2O, NaBO3.4(H2O)
 melting  point: 63°C
 Boiling point: 130 ~ 150 °C
 Appearance: White crystalline granular or powder
 Sodium perborate is a true inorganic peroxide containing a cyclic peroxide ring structure. Sodium perborate is produced commercially in both a tetrahydrate and monohydrate form. both tetrahydrate and monohydrate forms of sodium perborate are odorless, easy to use, free-flowing white granular powder. Sodium perborate is manufactured by a reaction of sodium tetraborate, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydroxide.
Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is an important ingredient of many household laundry detergent powders, laundry bleach additive products, and automatic machine dish wash powders. Unlike sodium percarbonate and sodium pyrophosphate, perborate is not just an addition compound of peroxide but contains true peroxygen bonds, Sodium perborate tetrahydrate has good storage stability when blended with many ingredients of formulated products for use in temperate climates. When used in laundry powders, sodium perborate tetrahydrate provides a stable, cost-effective source of active oxygen.  
1). Used as Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate oxidant, mordant and bleaching degreaser, etc. in the printing and dyeing industry.
2). Used as perm lotion, detergent, and material of Toothpaste producing in daily chemical.
3). Used as disinfectant, fungicide, and deodorant in medicine.
4). Used to bleach grease, gelatin, wax, etc., and as alternatives to hydrogen peroxide in the chemical industry.
5). Used to produce oxygen in rescue and medical care. 




We are trying our best to supply every chemical you may wish to buy. However, if there is something you can’t find, feel free to contact us and we will find just what you are looking for and offer you a competitive price. We have many customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, and European Union countries and retain long-term cooperation. ​For more information or to request a particular product, call customer services or the Given website Email address.

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We are one of largest marine chemical manufacturing company in Asia. Our specialization in marine, oil field, shipping industry. Since 1995 our group team continiously developing our product to achieve best in quality and services. Specially in shipping industries we make our position on TOP among all supplier. All shipchandler and shipping company of UAE - Middle East are well known to us and DUBI CHEM Marine International have more then 1800 global regular client to achieve our monthly target more then 360 MT .   DUBI Chem Marine International have very strong distribution network as well in INDIA also to complete supply directly on ship vessel - (Kandla,Mundra,Sikka) , (Mumbai,JNPT,Goa,Manglore) , (Vizag-Visakhapatnam,Gangavaram) , (Chennai,Ennore,Kochin) , ( Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip ) etc... For INDIA supply directly mail us on or feel free to call us 0091-9322594669 ...

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