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News and Events

Thursday, August 6, 2020 - 19:57
DUBI CHEM MARINE INTERNATIONAL is one of popular salt tablet manufacturer exporter and supplier in Middle East UAE. We are keeping ready stock of SALT TABLETS in our UAE warehouse. For more details and product inquiry email us :
Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 19:43
In the UAE, Dubai, Oman, Muscat, Sohar, Fujairah, Sharjah. the whole of gulf & the Middle East RX-SOL 3 Ply mask is the most sought after during the COVID 19 situation. Amidst the CoronaVirus, RXSOL - 3 Ply Mask is really the need of the hour. It is the most efficient of all the masks as it has 3 layers as the name suggests. The outermost layer of the mask repels water, inclusive of the COVID contaminated droplets thus preventing the microbes to enter in its first stage itself and still having two more layers as a backup. the... + continue reading
Sunday, July 5, 2020 - 14:38
MEG Mono Ethylene Glycol supplier and exporter in Middle East UAE - Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Fujairah, Ajman, Muscat Oman. We are directly importing from RX MARINE INTERNATIONAL manufacturers of Ethylene Glycols(MEG, DEG and TEG) in India operating for over the last two decades.   Refer below technical specification document of our product MEG mix. MEG Packaging will be 230 kg blue barrels.  Technical Specification Document Section 1 1.1 Identification of Substance CHEMICAL NAME: Mono... + continue reading
Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 20:27
DUBI CHEM MARINE INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading manufacturers of HEDP 1-Hydroxyethylidene- 1, 1 - Diphosphonic Acid. We keep ready stock of HEDP in our warehouses in Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Sohar, Oman, Kuwait. We supply HEDP all over the globe especially in U.A.E.  HDPE is an organo phosphoric acid Corrosion inhibitor. It can chetale with Fe, Cu, and Zn ions to  form stable chelating compounds . It can dissolve the oxidized material on Metal Surfaces.HDPE can react with metal ions with water system to form hexa element... + continue reading
Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 14:56
HDPE is an organo phosphoric acid Corrosion inhibitor manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajman UAE, Muscat, Sohar Oman HEDP 60% ( 1, Hydroxyethylidene Diphosphonic Acid) Description: HDPE is an organo phosphoric acid Corrosion inhibitor. It can chetale with Fe, Cu, and Zn ions to  form stable chelating compounds . It can dissolve the oxidized material on Metal Surfaces.HDPE can react with metal ions with water system to form hexa element Chelating Complex, with Calcium ion in Particular.Therefore, HDPE is Good... + continue reading
Saturday, June 13, 2020 - 19:27
We take this opportunity in introducing ourselves as DUBICHEM MARINE INTERNATIONAL, a partnership firm with technically sound background backed by desire to succeed in niche market with top-of-the-line products & services, which will cater pharmaceutical raw materials & specialty chemicals.   At DUBI CHEM MARINE INTERNATIONAL, we offer wide range of chemicals across industries. Our vast product portfolio includes materials ranging from active to inactive, organic to inorganic, vitamins to salts and specialty chemicals as... + continue reading
Saturday, June 13, 2020 - 10:44
DUBI CHEM is one of the largest dealers in silica gel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman, Muscat, Kuwait. Our long term experience in this field has let us reach such great hieght and has also allowed us to export our products far and wide. We have our factory in Fujairah and Oman. Silica Gel is an excellent adsorbent of odor and moisture and is really helpful in rainy seasons. If not in rainy seasons, Silica Gell has such creative uses that it makes the silica gel a versatile product. WHAT IS SO SPEACIAL ABOUT OUR SILICA GEL? Silica... + continue reading
Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 22:03
BioHazard Spill Kit For Blood, Vomit, Urine Product Code : RXSOL-61-6403-001 supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman UAE, Muscat, Oman Contents: 1. Neutralize Powder/Granular = 200 Grms 2. Blood Absorbent Pads = 1 No. 3. Dust Pan & Brush = 1 No. 4. Safety Hand Gloves = 1 Pr. 5. Safety Mask = 1 No. 6. Safety Goggle = 1 No. 7. Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaning Wipes = 2 Nos. 8. Disposal Bags = 2 Nos. 9. Cliptop Spill Kit Bag   Email :
Sunday, May 17, 2020 - 13:10
Sunday, May 17, 2020 - 11:05
We are the leading exporter and supplier of Polyacrylamide  Flocculant. Our product is useful for various applications in many industries. Some of them are listed below. Application Area Usage of Polyacrylamide :  ETP/STP: All ETP Plants Paper, Sugar, Pharma, Textile, Oil& Gas, Mining, Ceramics, CETP, Steel Plants, Sludge dewatering, Leather, Power plants, etc Oilfields/ Gas Industries: ETP, EOR, Drilling Fluid, Acid Fracturing, Water Shut Off, Acid Thickener, Oil Refineries Paper: Paper retention, Paper ETP, DAF... + continue reading

About Us

We are one of largest marine chemical manufacturing company in Asia. Our specialization in marine, oil field, shipping industry. Since 1995 our group team continiously developing our product to achieve best in quality and services. Specially in shipping industries we make our position on TOP among all supplier. All shipchandler and shipping company of UAE - Middle East are well known to us and DUBI CHEM Marine International have more then 1800 global regular client to achieve our monthly target more then 360 MT .   DUBI Chem Marine International have very strong distribution network as well in INDIA also to complete supply directly on ship vessel - (Kandla,Mundra,Sikka) , (Mumbai,JNPT,Goa,Manglore) , (Vizag-Visakhapatnam,Gangavaram) , (Chennai,Ennore,Kochin) , ( Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip ) etc... For INDIA supply directly mail us on or feel free to call us 0091-9322594669 ...

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