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Magnesium Carbonate

Available Packing Sizes: 

25 kg, 50 kg, 200 kg

Magnesium carbonate is produced using high quality raw materials. Production facility is well equipped, well designed with fully automatic machinery and high technology drying system. Starting from the raw materials charging to packaging of finished goods, there is no manual touch and negligible atmospheric exposure. Safety and hygienic condition are well maintained in and around production area.

Magnesium carbonate is a magnesium salt with formula CMgO3. Its hydrated forms, particularly the di-, tri-, and tetrahydrates occur as minerals. It has a role as an antacid and a fertilizer. It is a magnesium salt, a carbonate salt and a one-carbon compound.

Magnesium carbonate is non-toxic.

The most common magnesium carbonate forms are the anhydrous salt called magnesite (MgCO3) and the di, tri, and pentahydrates known as barringtonite (MgCO3·2 H2O), nesquehonite (MgCO3·3 H2O), and lansfordite (MgCO3·5 H2O), respectively. Some basic forms such as artinite (MgCO3·Mg(OH)2·3 H2O), hydromagnesite (4 MgCO3·Mg(OH)2·4 H2O), and dypingite (4 MgCO3· Mg(OH)2·5 H2O) also occur as minerals.

Magnesite consists of white trigonal crystals. The anhydrous salt is practically insoluble in water, acetone, and ammonia. All forms of magnesium carbonate react with acids. Magnesium carbonate crystallizes in the calcite structure wherein Mg2+ is surrounded by six oxygen atoms. The dihydrate has a triclinic structure, while the trihydrate has a monoclinic structure.

References to "light" and "heavy" magnesium carbonates actually refer to the magnesium hydroxy carbonates hydromagnesite and dypingite (respectively).


Chemical Name: Light Basic Magnesium Carbonate

Synonyms: Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide

Molecular Formula: MgCo3

Molecular Weight: 84.31 g

CAS No.: 12125-28-9 : 235-192-7

Product Application: 


  • Catalyst: Magnesium carbonate is used as magnesium source for the manufacture of catalyst compounds. Food : As a food additive magnesium carbonate is known as E504. Magnesium carbonate is used as anti-caking agent in cooking salt and as demolding agent in biscuits. It is used as carbonate source in soft drink and energy drinks. In cattle feeds, it is a nutritional supplement and provides magnesium required in animal diet. In food industries, it is used as alkali, floor modifier and acidity regulators.
  • Cosmetics: Magnesium Carbonate is used in cosmetic applications such as talcum powders, soap manufacture giving moisture stability, fragrance retention and flow control. It is also used in toothpaste as a mild abrasive.
  • Rubber, Plastic & Elastomers: Magnesium Carbonate is used in as reinforcing agent in rubber and plastic, and stuffing in the rubber industries. It enhance, reflect heat-resistant and insulated material, as a smoke suppressant in plastics. It is used as stabilizer in automotive PVC plastisols and as a matte white coating for projection screens. 
  • Latex rubber: Magnesium Carbonate is well known to use as finishing powders in the production of both natural and synthetic rubber articles such as gloves and condoms. Magnesium Carbonate is generally not susceptible to microbial spoilage and they do not bind the proteins found in natural rubber latex. On the whole, therefore, the industry has found it acceptable to use such compounds as satisfactory alternatives to starch.
  • Gymnastics: In the gym, Magnesium Carbonate is used as chalk to dry the hands for weightlifting, gymnastics, and rock climbing.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Magnesium Carbonate is used in pharmaceuticals preparations as laxative and gastric antacid and as mild abrasive ingredients in toothpastes. In dentistry, it is used in gypsum impressions from which dental plates are made. Paints & Ink : Magnesium Carbonate can be used as a rheological modifier, flattening agent and translucent filler in the printing inks and paint industry. It is used in concocted white paint for production of printing ink and to dilute printing ink. Paper : Magnesium Carbonate is used as mineral filler and coating agent in paper industry for whiteness and consistency of the paper and as a combustion regulator in cigarette paper
  • Insulating material: Magnesium Carbonate is used to make fireproofing and heat preservation products, using in high class glasses, porcelain enamel and ceramic to make the surface brightness. Other Industrial use : Magnesium Carbonate is used to produce Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium Salts, in chelating agents, advanced glassware, etc. Magnesium carbonate is used in taxidermy for whitening skulls. It can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to create paste, which is then spread on the skull to give it a white finish.
Product Dose: 

Product Note: 

Product Technical Specification: 


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Free Delivery / Supply Locations : 
Oman, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Dubai, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ruwais, Mina (Port) Zayed, Khalifa Port, Kizad, Port Rashid, Jebel Ali Port, DP WORLD, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Khor Fakkan Container Terminal, Port Rashid, Jebel Ali Port, Mina Kalid Port, Khor Fhakan Port ( Khawr Fakkan, Khawr al-Fakkan ), Sharjah Creek, Ajman, Port of Hamriyah, Mina Zayed Port, Mussafah port, Khalifa Port, Umm al-Nar Port, Um Al Quwain Port, Saqr Port, Port of Fujairah, Dibba Port, Jebel Dhanna, Mina Al Hamriya, Mina Rashid, All United Arab Emirates

About Us

We are one of largest marine chemical manufacturing company in Asia. Our specialization in marine, oil field, shipping industry. Since 1995 our group team continiously developing our product to achieve best in quality and services. Specially in shipping industries we make our position on TOP among all supplier. All shipchandler and shipping company of UAE - Middle East are well known to us and DUBI CHEM Marine International have more then 1800 global regular client to achieve our monthly target more then 360 MT .   DUBI Chem Marine International have very strong distribution network as well in INDIA also to complete supply directly on ship vessel - (Kandla,Mundra,Sikka) , (Mumbai,JNPT,Goa,Manglore) , (Vizag-Visakhapatnam,Gangavaram) , (Chennai,Ennore,Kochin) , ( Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip ) etc... For INDIA supply directly mail us on or feel free to call us 0091-9322594669 ...

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